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Links to useful resources or discords can be found in our Wiki. Very clean. Expecting ashvane to fall any raid now for us, this'll help massively! Do you think the 2 tanking is completely brewmaster exclusive? Or would 1 brm 1 prot warrior work.

I think you can only 2 tank with double Brew since they have AoE taunts to swap aggro on adds. Tank swaps for every other class would lead to a ton of Zoatroids sitting under boss for waaaaaay too long. The Pervasive Shock casts from the Zoatroid adds are much more dangerous than the Amniotic Splatter damage from when they die, especially when it lines up with Arcing Current.

This Weakaura will display the CD for Pervasive Shock for each add, which can be extremely helpful for seeing when to expect big raid damage. I love the inclusion of an example note. Do you have one for Ashvane as well? We just started working on her.

Arms Warrior DPS The Eternal Palace Raid Guide — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

Haven't added an Ashvane note to my guide. If I get a chance I'll dig it out and edit it in. Thanks for the feedback! Very good guide. I will just add my healer perspective. I totally agree, that shammy especially spirit link and druid are very good healers, but note the power of disci and paladin as well please. They bring damage reduction for raid, marginal dps gain compared to other healers dps check won't be so tight tho with every new reset and awesome aoe spike healing is great for this fight.

While I won't stack more than one shammy or druid, I would gladly take more than one disci or pally. TLDR: Monk sucks, rest of the healers are great. Boss DPS isn't as crucial, but every little helps and it could be the difference between a Phase 2 practice or not in a lot of cases!

Is there such thing as adds dying too fast being a problem? Like would it matter if a set of adds died a good secs before the next sst came down? And has just as much throughput as any other non-paladin Glimmer is beyond broken on this fight healer. If there is an access to innervate, you will objectively give it to a disc priest, not waste on monk dps. Disc with innervates is as broken as hpaly. Monk is just objectively the worst healer on this fight.

I don't say that you can't kill it with monk, we did have one at our kill, but from the list of options, it's the bottom one.

It's a major healing cd which also does high DPS And combined with innervate, it gives 25 seconds of zero-mana cost healing. That doesn't change anything, innervates go to disci priests if possible : It's both more healing and more dps from the disc. With the frequency you have to move away from the boss to spread especially if you get an early ichor it makes actually using WOTC annoying.

There are other very viable essences that do as much if not more healing than WOTC.In an effort not to spam the subreddit, I've saved up a few. It's very difficult to look at Orgozoa logs and work out who is spreading Incubation Fluid to who, and quite often involves looking at the replay to work out.

This is why people have been asking me to integrate it into Wipefest, so I can do the analysis once, and it happens automatically for everyone else! To calculate this, Wipefest looks at every Arcing Current damage event. It then checks to see if the target of the event is debuffed with Incubation Fluid. If that target isn't debuffed, then it looks to see who the nearest debuffed target was at the time of damage, and lists them as chaining the debuff.

As always, this insight also works on analysed multi-pull reports, so rare subscribers can see who was spreading over the course of an entire night:.

Boss Tactics Guide: Orgozoa

Keep in mind that it isn't always the chainer's fault — if you have assigned positions, and someone is consistently stood in someone else's spot, then they are more likely to get chained to, potentially making someone else look bad! The next announcement is probably fairly boring for most people, but quite exciting for me.

Over the past couple of months I've done a lot of architectural work that should fix a few of the relatively uncommon reliability issues some people have had, as well as make it easier and quicker for me to make changes in the future.

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As part of this, I've also migrated the website to a new domain name:. Any old links that you come across will simply redirect to the new domain, so there shouldn't be any issues. Finally, I want to show you a preview of the next major feature coming to Wipefest. I'll likely write more about it when I do a full release, but I'd love to have some feedback and thoughts upfront.

This feature is called Player Contributions, and rare subscribers will have access to try it out right now though forgive any tweaks that I still need to make! The insights section has now been divided into two views: "By Mechanic", and "By Player". The "By Mechanic" view is the same as usual: concise information about the raid's performance on particular aspects of the fight.

The "By Player" view is new, and aims to show each player's individual contributions to the fight. This should be helpful in situations where, for example, you have a feeling that a certain player is consistently good at dodging fire and helping to soak, and you want to check their contribution to multiple mechanics against the rest of the raid group.

Blackwater Behemoth is quite a simple fight mechanically, so let's use it as an example. The player contributions chart might look like this:. Every fight will count healthstones and potions as positive contributions.Forgot your password?

Welcome to our strategy guide for the encounter with Orgozoa in The Eternal Palace raid. Here, you will first find the strategy to defeat the boss, followed by a detailed analysis of the abilities. To familiarize yourself with the encounter, we suggest you watch this short video guide from Hazel Nutty.

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The encounter against Orgozoa is a two-phase fight that is especially hard on your healers. Throughout the fight, the raid and the tanks will take large amounts of damage from various sources, making any avoidable damage that raid members take become truly problematic for the healers.

The boss uses the same abilities in both Phase One and Phase Two which are very similarand you will also need to go through a Transition Phase. The transition into Phase Two happens after 3 minutes and 30 seconds. During Phase One, the tanks have the most important role: they must make use of the Desensitizing Sting debuff which reduces damage taken the boss stacks on the current tank to soak the Amniotic Splatter void zones that the Zoatroid adds leave behind when they die.

These void zones will wipe the raid if they are not soaked, and only the tank with a high number of Desensitizing Sting stacks 8 or 9, ideally — at 10 stacks the tank is instantly killed can survive the damage they deal if they are soaked. Keep in mind that you can also soak these void zones with player immunities like Ice Blockshould your tank's stacks have somehow dropped off by the time the void zones must be soaked if, for example, the adds took to long to die.

Aside from this, during Phase One, all raid members will have to be careful to properly avoid the damaging areas of Dribbling Ichorwhich simply requires good reactions and clever positioning in the safe zones see image below.

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The last ability for this phase is the Incubation Fluid debuff. This is primarily the concern of the healers, who will need to keep up with the damage that the players affected by this debuff which will eventually affect most of the raid by the end of the phase take. However, due to the fact that the boss regularly casts Arcing Currentplayers affected by Incubation Fluid must make sure to always be far enough away from any raid members not affected by this, as otherwise they will also be damaged and Incubation Fluid will spread to them as well.

The ramping damage of Incubation Fluid to the raid will cause significant strain on the healers, who may need to resort to rotating cooldowns by the end of the phase. Any carelessness in positioning that leads to additional Incubation Fluid debuffs being applied early due to chaining Arcing Current will only make the phase that much harder, and this could be enough to overwhelm the raid.

After 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the Transition Phase begins. All Incubation Fluid stacks will be removed, but you will have to deal with the final spawn of Zoatroid adds, which happens a few seconds before the end of Phase One.

The best strategy currently seems to be to deal with the Zoatroids in the Phase One area, just as you dealt with the previous spawns of Zoatroids during Phase One. As soon as the adds are dead, all raid members must make their way down towards the boss.

The tank who must soak the Amniotic Splatter void zones should stay behind to perform this task and then catch up to the raid.

Moving down towards the boss should be a simple enough process: all raid members must avoid coming within 5 yards of any eggs marked in red in the image belowas this will damage and knock them back, and players must also be careful not to be knocked back by the falling projectiles crash zone marked with swirly blue void zones.

Once at the bottom of the ramp, you will have to make sure to interrupt the boss's Massive Incubator cast.

Method VS Orgozoa - Mythic The Eternal Palace

If you moved to the boss quickly enough, you can take advantage of the fact that he is still casting and not doing anything else and do some damage to him before interrupting the cast as late as possible. Phase Two is mechanically identical to Phase One, except for the 3 new types of adds. We explain how to deal with these adds below, but aside from this, your execution of the phase should be exactly the same as what you were doing during Phase One. Every minute or so, 2 adds spawn.

They can be of 3 different types Zanj'ir Myrmidon s, Azsh'ari Witch es, and Dreadcoil Hulk s and must be kept at least 15 yards away from the boss its Chaotic Growth ability buffs them just like it buffs the Zoatroid sand they must be quickly killed when they spawn. You can group these adds up together with any Zoatroids that spawn in Heroic and Mythic difficultiesin order to AoE them all down. Players targeted by the Myrmidons' Aqua Lance should move to the side of the room, so that the void zone that appears 4 seconds later is not placed in a location where it could impede the raid.

The Witches' Conductive Pulse casts should be interrupted, while the damage they deal to random raid members with Shocking Lightning must simply be healed through.

Finally, the Hulks' Powerful Stomp must be soaked in order to prevent Reverberating Tremor from dealing massive, wipe-inducing damage to the raid. We recommend that the tank handling the adds be the only one in range of the Hulk when Powerful Stomp is cast, as their Desensitizing Sting stacks should allow them to survive.My Account.


Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Home Forum What's New? Our strategy guide will help you to defeat Orgozoa encounter and the loot listing below contains all of the loot he drops on each difficulty. Table of Contents. Site Navigation. All times are GMT.

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The time now is AM. Social Media. Services My Account. Resources Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Fun Run Defeat Radiance of Azshara in The Eternal Palace after running 6 consecutive complete laps around her arena without falling into the water on Norma You and What Army?

Defeat Abyssal Commander Sivara in The Eternal Palace while all three of her lieutenants are alive and engaged in the fight on Normal difficulty or Dribbling Inkpod. Zoatroid Egg Sac. Stormtamer's Orb. Drape of the Hatcher.

Incubator's Bellcap. Cephalopod's Sash. Tidal Drifter's Shoulders.Desensitizing Sting Tanks. Tactics: Drippling Ichor. Tactics: Incubation Fluid. Tactics: Arcing Current. Tactics: Chaotic Growth.


Tactics: Pervasive Shock and Amniotic Splatter. Off Tank Tank adds away from boss. Soak the pools when they die. This add also marks a random player and after 4 sec, the player is hit by a lance which does moderate to any player close to that impact. The witch also casts Conductive Pulse that stuns every player in the raid for 3 sec can be interrupted.


Dreadcoil Hulk The Hulk does a Stomp on the ground that does deadly dmg on the impact and players divide the dmg when getting hit. If no players are soaking the stomp, it will instead do very high dmg to every player in the raid.

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News WoD Guides 6. Overview - Fast Tactics Two phases and boss abilities are very similar in both. During intermission, dodge eggs Phase 2 you fight boss and harder adds. Tanks Do not reach 10 stacks instant death Tank Swap at when adds come Off tank handles adds.

Tank adds away from boss Soak the pool after adds die Players with immunity can help Healers Beware of heavy dmg on tanks. The debuff is nasty. Raid Dodge the Drippling Ichor loads of splashes on the platform Run away from raid when targeted by Aqua Lance in phase 2 Zanjir does it Soak the stomp in phase 2 big Hulk does it Interrupt the witch add in phase 2 Conductive Pulse Adds In phase 1 you will only have the Zoatroid add.

Zoatroid Does AoE dmg When dead, a pool is formed and must be soaked by tank or player with immunity. BOSS Boss has 5 abilities. Desensitizing Sting Tanks Tank swap every time add spawn. Drippling Ichor Boss creates a rain of big splashes 6y. Each hit does very high dmg.

Tactics: Drippling Ichor Dodge the splashes and healers beware. Incubation Fluid Boss dmg debuff on random players. This is permanent and stacks until intermission Tactics: Incubation Fluid Healers beware Nothing you can prevent. This can stack up more and more during phase 1. Arcing Current Boss hits a player that has the Incubation Fluid debuff. This hit chains to other players up to 3 players.

Players that do not have the Fluid debuff will get one. Tactics: Arcing Current Nothing you can prevent. Healers beware. Tactics: Chaotic Growth Tank adds away from boss. ADDS Waves of adds spawns periodically. The Zoatroid adds have 2 abilities Pervasive Shock and Amniotic Splatter These adds to dmg to all players Shock and when they die, they leave a pool each that does very high dmg after 5 sec. This can be soaked.Forgot your password?

On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Arms Warrior for each boss of the following raid: The Eternal Palace.

In this section, you will find information and guidance for fighting each boss individually in the Eternal Palace raid as a Arms Warrior. These are not complete encounter guides, but rather provide specific tips for fighting the bosses as a Arms Warrior. The tips on this page are based on PTR testing alone and may not reflect the state of encounters on live servers. This page will be updated with new information once the encounters have been experienced and killed on their respective difficulties.

We advise you to use the following talents against Abyssal Commander Sivara. We advise you to use the following essences against Abyssal Commander Sivara. Lifeblood may not be reliable when frequently spreading and moving to deal with Frost Mark and Toxic Brandso consider using Ancient Flame instead.

For more information, please refer to our Abyssal Commander Sivara strategy guide. We advise you to use the following talents against Blackwater Behemoth. We advise you to use the following essences against Blackwater Behemoth. Do not use Charge immediately after being knocked back by Shock Pulseuntil the damage has been dealt. Charge and Heroic Leap can be used to quickly move between the boss and Pufferfish.

Ensure your Bioluminescence has faded before moving between platforms. For more information, please refer to our Blackwater Behemoth strategy guide. We advise you to use the following talents against Radiance of Azshara. We advise you to use the following essences against Radiance of Azshara.

Use Heroic Leap to easily deal with Arcane Bomb and to get to the second phase target easier. Save cooldowns for the second phase targets every 2 minutes, in order to quickly defeat them and get back to the first phase of the encounter. For more information, please refer to our Radiance of Azshara strategy guide.

We advise you to use the following talents against Lady Ashvane. We advise you to use the following essences against Lady Ashvane. Do not hold cooldowns for the damaging phase, as using them early and often will help get to that phase quicker. Berserker Rage will both immune and immediatley break Briny Bubble.

Time Warbreaker and Bladestorm to quickly break out other players. For more information, please refer to our Lady Ashvane strategy guide.

We advise you to use the following talents against Orgozoa. We advise you to use the following essences against Orgozoa. Three adds which need to be burst down spawn at frequent intervals, which Warbreaker and Bladestorm should be saved for. Focused Azerite Beam is also a powerful multi-target damage Major essence, although it requires the targets to be well stacked. In phase two, use Heroic Leap to easily deal with Aqua Lance. For more information, please refer to our Orgozoa strategy guide.

We advise you to use the following talents against The Queen's Court. We advise you to use the following essences against The Queen's Court. The Repeat Performance decree can be dealt with by using off global cooldown abilities to avoid repeating the same ability twice in a row. Fervor of Battle will always count as two different abilities.

The majority of the fight will be a single target burn, while avoiding boss abilities. Sweeping Strikes can be used to cleave nearby Sparks, but they should not be killed too quickly after one another.

For more information, please refer to our The Queen's Court strategy guide.Orgozoa is the fifth boss in The Eternal Palace, and is another 2 phase encounter. This fight is also similar to heroic, the major change is Arcing Currentwhich causes players with Incubation Fluid to spread it to other nearby players, so they will need to get away from the group.

Wipefest: Orgozoa Incubation Fluid tracking, new domain, and preview of Player Contributions

The first minute of this fight has almost no damage, so healers should be adding in as much damage as possible during this time. Tanks will still take a very large amount of damage if they do not have any Desensitizing Sting stacks, so if they are about to swap they need to have some sort of active mitigation. This is another fight where 3 tanking can make the fight easier, as one tank solely focuses on grabbing the adds and stacking them together while the other two tanks focus on the boss.


Players should find safe areas to stand during Dribbling Ichor to avoid taking a large amount of damage. There are times when Amniotic Splatter soaks overlap with Dribbling Ichorso it may be smart to use an immunity of some sort to soak the Amniotic Splatter. Phase 2 is similar to Phase 1 with the addition of 3 new adds and 1 new debuff. The Myrmidon will throw an Aqua Lance at a player, which will leave behind a pool of Raging Rapids for the remainder of the encounter.

The targeted player should away and drop the pool at the edge of the room. The rest of the encounter is very similar to Phase 1. This is the most healing intensive encounter so far in the tier, and because you will be using almost all of your mana in each phase High Tide is insane here.

Wind Rush Totem can be used at the beginning of the intermission, however it is not needed. Spouting Spirits and Overflowing Shores will provide a large amount of healing and it is recommended to run these traits as the entire raid will be stacked up for the large majority of the fight. It is also recommended to run Memory of Lucid Dreams and the Ever-Rising Tide essences as it is a very healing intensive encounter and you should aim to use all of your mana in Phase 1.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Suggested Talents. Notable Azerite Traits and Essences. Healing Tips. The first minute of each phase has very little damage, so healers should do as much damage as possible during this time. Dropping Wind Rush Totem at the beginning of the intermission can help your raid get ahead before the Hatchery Moulting s begin to spawn.

Orgozoa Strategy Guide in The Eternal Palace Raid

You should aim to have almost no mana left at the end of Phase 1 and use a Potion of Replenishment once you are downstairs, ideally before the boss is kicked. Niseko testing dummy irl. Close Menu.


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